We distribute genuine Venetian Plaster wallpapers and other collections by US-based Studio E in the UK and Asia.

Studio E employ the techniques and materials of traditional artisan wall finishes to paper instead of applying these directly to the surface of a wall, the highlight being their unique Venetian Plaster Wallpaper collection. Imported Venetian plaster is applied in layers to a sturdy recycled paper, then brushed, imprinted, embossed or otherwise textured with specialty tools before being polished with wax to a satiny sheen. Providing a less costly and better-wearing alternative to a direct finish, Studio E Venetian Plaster wallpaper is also more versatile than application to a wall.

Studio E also offers a natural fibers (paper weaves) line, hand gilded metal-leaf papers, and a broken color and glazework line. All wallpapers are painted and finished by skilled artisans in their New York City workshop and are sustainable.

Visit their website here.