We are the UK distributors of Dessin Fournir’s luxurious, hand-crafted home furnishings including their leathers, textiles, lighting and custom furniture. Embodying classic design in both detail and execution, each product is entirely artisan crafted utilizing Old World techniques and materials. Dessin Fournir Leather – Made by the finest artisan tanneries in Italy, the uniqueness of Dessin Fournir Leather lies with its remarkable repertoire of techniques and inspirations each varied in texture and pattern to create a truly distinct collection. Classic Cloth – The Classic Cloth series of textiles offers an eclectic, sophisticated palette inspired by the art of cloth, from the most refined 18th Century French embroideries to utilitarian 19th Century flour sack. Rose Cumming – In the first half of the 20th century, design legend Rose Cumming defined glamour for New York society, delighting her celebrated clients by fearlessly mixing colors, patterns and styles with bold creativity and flair. Captivated by the pure colour and charming patterns of Rose Cumming’s textiles, Dessin Fournir Collections re-created her wonderful designs as well as introduced new woven textiles, hand printed fabrics and wallpaper that capture the essence of Rose’s originals. Visit Dessin Fournir’s site.